About Anita

Anita's work is characterised by energy and vibrant colours and are often 'atmospheric'. The paintings ask you to feel and experience and not to 'think'. Themes are mostly oceans, rivers, and sky which ask the viewer to reflect on the experience of the infinite and the unknowable.

The Thames River in London is a recurring subject; London has changed dramatically over the years, becoming more confident in its identity, but the river remains constant.

Paintings are between 30cm and 60cm wide and about 20cm to 40cm long. Prints can also be obtained.

Works include:

1. London at Night (night time on Thames River, London)

2. Indian Ocean, Kerala

3. Pacific Ocean, California

4. Magenta Sky, India

5. Winter Sea and Surf, Dorset

6. Storm at Sea, Dorset

7. Learning to Sail

For further information/commission/print/prices please contact Anita at anitasw200@yahoo.co.uk