Anita Alexander Swarup is an artist based just outside London in Surrey. She has a BA (Hons) Art History from University of Sussex. She works with mixed media, acrylics and charcoal. She combines painting and her own photography - and this creates a strong impact.


Art Below, Herrick Gallery and the Mayfair Arts Weekend, London 2018.

Art Below, Anemoi Gallery, London, 2018

Art Below, Los Angeles 2018

Anita's work is characterised by its energy, light and colour. It is impressionistic and 'atmospheric'. Themes are mostly oceans and rivers which are not just a record of a moment, but ask you to feel and experience and not to 'think'; to experience time, place, light, colour, weight, water and the mood etc.

The Thames River in London is a recurring subject; as London changes dramatically, the river remains constant.

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